[NUEVO] WolfTeam Hax By HaCkAsaBio 23.10.11

Oct 22, 2011
oading Hax:
1.) Start Injec-TOR
2.) Load the DLL
3.) Type 'Wolfteam.bin' in the Watch for Process textbox (without quotes)
4.) Check the 'Use Watch' checkbox
5.) Start WolfTeam

F1 - WP Hax
(Sets WP to 0x540BE3FF, or 1,410,065,407)
F3 - Multi Weapon Hax
(Sets Weapon Speed,
No Recoil,
Sniper Hack,
Rocket Launcher Hack (Shoot without Zooming),
Crosshair Hack,
1 Shell to Fully Reload Shotgun Hack)
F6 - Weapon Ammo Hax
(Sets all weapon ammo to 9999)
F7 - Weapons Hax*
(Sets your weapons)

* - You do NOT need to enter shop then inventory to activate. You HAVE to press it AFTER choosing a server. You can NOT change weapons once activated, you MUST restart the game to change weapons.
Esta en inglés pero se entiende mas o menos y si algo irse al traductor!

Descargar aqui : http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=2394686